In Wisconsin there are 72 counties; 16 of these do not have a humane society so please know where to go if your pet gets lost!
Resources To Help You Find Your Lost Your Pet
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If you have lost your pet you are probably frantic! 

Nationally, millions of animals end up in shelters and impound facilities every year.
In Wisconsin many lost animals end up in shelters and impound facilities never to be
claimed by their owners.  Many owners simply do not know where to look for them.
That is what this section is all about.  We want you to be able to find your dog, cat, bird, reptile, etc.

In Wisconsin stray hold facilities will hold your pet for 7 days. At that point if you have not stepped forward to claim your animal the facility has a few options. They can adopt out your animal to another family, they can transfer it to another shelter or rescue, they can sell to a class B dealer or euthanize.Selling to Classs B Dealers is unacceptable to any humane minded person! BRATS works with many of the stray hold facilities to get stray animals moved to  humane societies or rescues so your lost pet has the best chance of finding it's way home to you or to be adopted by another family.  

Please note that although you lost your pet in one town, city or county it could very well end up 2 cities, towns or counties away! It will be up to you to be diligent to check all the possible places they can be located.  Every county in Wisconsin has a stray hold facility. Some have more than one.
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