BRATS Mission is to help end the euthanizing of healthy, adoptable animals in Wisconsin shelters and rescues. We offer a forum to match up adoptable animals in overcrowded Wisconsin locations with other shelters and rescues that have space available.  BRATS will co-ordinate the transport of these animals in a timely and humane manner

BRATS and partners getting it done the Wisconsin way!

Wisconsin is one great place to be if you are an animal in a shelter, impound facilty or rescue waiting for a great forever home! The Alliance of Wisconsin Animal Rehoming Efforts (AWARE), Wisconsin Dog Rescue and many other shelters and rescues all work hard on behalf of the animals needing good homes. BRATS ties all of these groups together by offering to post adoptable animals in Wisconsin shelters and rescue organizations that need a change of scenery for the best chance at adoption.  We then offer a ride to where they are going.  

We have found that certain areas of Wisconsin have an over-abundance of animals needing new homes while other areas seem to always have open kennels. Some areas of the state were routinely euthanizing for space while kennels sat empty in other areas. The simple act of getting everyone communicating with each other and then offering a ride has been a real life saver!  

The founders of BRATS have been involved in rescue organizations for many years. We would see all of the wonderful animals that were not cute, fluffy or young sitting in Wisconsin shelters and impound facilities knowing they probably were not going to make it out if the shelter became overcrowded. It is our mission to help any adoptable animal in Wisconsin find their way home. 

BRATS is a simple concept that is saving lives. We are honored to be able to help.  

Your BRATS Team
BRATS could not exist if it wasn't for our wonderful and very dedicated volunteers!
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 Who knows - maybe you might like to become one yourself!  
Together we received the Best Friends Animal Society
2015 Alliance For Animals Award!