BRATS transports many animals every year that clearly belonged to someone.  Many are cats and dogs that have the telltale signs of a loving owner.  They simply got lost and couldn't find their way home.  There are things that pet owners can do so your pet doesn't get lost in the first place.  We also offer tips to get your pet back quickly and safely if they do manage to go on a big adventure!

Collars With I.D. Tags Attached

It sounds too simple!  Purchase a good quality collar and attach an ID tag.  The ID tag should include a phone number where you can be reached. You may want to include the phone number of your vet or close friend.  There are collars available with your phone number embroidered right on the fabric.  Collars and ID tags are available at any pet supply store, on many websites, your vet, etc.  Let's make it easy on the good samaritan or animal control people to reunite you with your pet quickly!

Microchip You Pet!

Microchips are small devices that are inserted between the shoulder blades.  This tiny chip has a number that when scanned with a scanning device will give all the information needed to get your pet back quickly.  You can get your pet microchipped at your vet or at many local shelters.  Many animal rescue groups offer Microchip Clinics at their events. Prices can vary depending on what services you chose to purchase.  There are numerous companies that manufacture these microchips and maintain the databases of information. If your pet manages to lose their collar while on the run, a microchip will help your local shelter reunite you with your pet.   
For The Ride Of Their Lives!
A Great App from ASPCA!  
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin has INCREDIBLE resources for you if you have lost or found a dog!
Many shelters and rescues offer microchip clinics during the year.  We post these in our Wisconsin Events section!