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The BRATS Roadhouse!
At BRATS we are always looking for innovative ways to help Wisconsin Shelter/Rescue animals find their way home.  For many animals all they need is a little extra time to move them on their way.  We looked at what those reasons are and decided to find some solutions to the issues they may have.  Here are some of the issues we came across that stood between the animal moving on to the good life
and not making it out at all. 
TRANSPORT TIMING -  The transport is leaving on week day from a remote location but the rescue/shelter could not receive them until the weekend. Solution - a BRATS volunteer will hold the animal until the rescue/shelter can take them.  

KENNEL COUGH OR MINOR ILLNESS - Many rescue partners cannot take animals with Kennel Cough or Upper Respiratory issues.  These conditions are rarely life threatening yet they can infect an entire population at a shelter or rescue.  Solution - They need Roadhouse foster care. When they are well enough to be transferred one of our many shelter/rescue partners will place them for adoption!

TOO YOUNG TO GO INTO A SHELTER -  we found that many young mama's (cats and dogs) and their babies were being left behind because they were too young to enter a shelter enviornment.  Solution - They need Roadhouse foster care.  When they are old enough to be adopted they will be transported to a shelter/rescue partner for placement!

TOO MANY PUPS IN A LITTER - Our shelter/rescue partners told us that they don't have a problem placing 1 or 2 of the harder to place breed pups but cannot take more than that.  Litters of 5 to 10 puppies were out of the question.  Solution - They need Roadhouse foster care. When they are old enough to be adopted they are transported to numerous shelter/rescue partners for placement!  

We decided to tackle these issues one by one to see how much of a difference it makes.  The BRATS Roadhouse was an immediate success!   In 2012 we will be evaluating this program to see how
well it does.  A special thanks to Best Friends Animal Society
for their financial support.  Thanks also go to
The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission
for their cooperation in getting this off the ground. 

Roadhouse 1-8-12
Mama Livvy!  Sweet as they come.  Going to Adams Cty HSBaby LargoBaby LaserBaby LassoBaby LexiBaby LiaBaby LilyCute Baby LokiMama Livvy getting back her girlish figure!3/18/12 Bunny enjoying the great outdoors.  She will be going to Columbia Cty HS
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